iPhone 15 Pro with Rogers credit card

Security Features

Included with all Rogers Bank credit cards, because peace of mind shouldn’t cost extra.

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Mastercard Identity Check

Mastercard® Identity Check makes shopping online more secure by preventing unauthorized use of your accounts. It’s easy to use and works with your existing Mastercard® account.

Zero Liability

Zero Liability

Rogers Bank Mastercard® holders won’t be held liable for unauthorized card use.

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Secure and Contactless Payment

Pay quickly and securely with Mastercard® Tap & Go® or Mobile Wallet for Rogers Bank Mastercard.


Transaction Monitoring & Alerts

Set up account alerts so you’re notified by text or email whenever we notice a change in your account activity.

Customize alerts based on what’s most important to you: fraud protection, managing your budget, transaction monitoring, payment reminders, and more.

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Spend how you want. We’ll reward you for it.

Explore all the ways you can start earning cash back rewards with a Rogers Bank Mastercard today.

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