How To

Resources to help you get the most out of your Rogers Bank credit card.

Getting started

Howto activate

Activate your new card

The first step is to activate your card so you can start earning cash back rewards.

Howto onlinebanking

Set up your online banking account

Register to review your transactions, access your statements, and manage your rewards online.

Howto preauthorized

Set up pre-authorized payments

Automatically pay your Rogers or Fido monthly bill through pre-authorized payments.

Getting more from your card

Howto manageyouraccount

Manage your account

Your Rogers Bank Online Account gives you access to all the information your paper statement provides and so much more – 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

Howto redeem

Redeem your cash back rewards

Now you can apply cash back rewards towards purchases you've already made.

Howto alerts

Set up alerts

Rogers Bank alerts help you manage your budget and stay on top of your account. We’ll send you a text or email alert as soon as we notice a change in your activity.

Howto estatements

Switch to e-statements

Enjoy Convenient access to your online statements from the previous 12 months, any time you like.

Howto addauthorized

Add authorized users

Request a supplementary card for a family member and earn rewards twice as fast!

Howto bpi

Add Balance Protection Insurance

Protect yourself and your loved ones against the financial impact of unforseen events.

Premium rates may apply.