Mastercard Identity Check

Mastercard® Identity Check™ is a free card protection service we provide in association with Mastercard® Worldwide. One-time passcode (OTP) provides additional protection against unauthorized use of your Rogers Bank Mastercard® when purchasing online at participating merchants. Every time you make an online purchase, at a participating merchant, a request screen will automatically appear asking you to input your one-time passcode. When you correctly enter this information, Rogers Bank will confirm that you are the authorized cardholder and the transaction will proceed through the payment process.

Mastercard® Identity Check™ service provides an additional layer of security, outside the traditional transaction authorization process, and helps prevent unauthorized use of cardholder accounts by a 3rd party.

Transactions originating with a Mastercard® Identity Check™ through a risk-assessment process set up by Rogers Bank. If the authorization is considered higher risk or out of the norm for you, as a cardholder, you will be prompted to input one-time passcode to validate the authenticity of the transaction.

One-time passcodes are sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone number on file with Rogers Bank. If you do not have a mobile number on file, the one-time passcode will default to your registered email address. If you do not have either, you will not be able to complete the purchase.

One-time passcodes can be re-sent to your registered mobile number or email address up to 3 times per transaction. After the third attempt, if you still have not received the passcode, you may need to update your contact information by signing in to your Rogers Bank account or contact the number on the back of your card for assistance.

You won't be able to use the Mastercard® Identity Check™ unless you have a mobile phone or email address on file with Rogers Bank.