Card Benefits

Convenience and peace of mind are included with all Rogers Bank credit cards

Rogers Bank Alerts

Want some extra peace of mind as you use your credit card? Using this unique tool, we’ll notify you by text or email as soon as we notice a change in your account activity.

You can even customize your alerts based on what matters most to you, whether that’s managing your budget or protecting your account from fraud.

What alerts matter to you the most?
Pick one, two, or choose them all.

Paying your bill icon

Paying your bill

Staying on top of your payments can be this easy. Just register now and we’ll send you an email or text alert:

  • When a payment is due
  • When a payment is made
  • If you miss a payment
Managing your budget icon

Managing your budget

It’s the simplest way to manage your expenses. Sign up for notifications that’ll help you track:

  • Your daily balance
  • When your balance exceeds a specific amount
  • Cash advances
  • Your available credit
  • When a purchase exceeds a specific amount
  • When payments are due
Fraud protection icon

Fraud protection

Nothing is more important than protecting your identity and credit card from fraud. Our alerts will immediately flag any suspicious purchases or changes to your account, such as:

  • Changes to your credit card PIN or credit limit
  • An additional card request, or a new person being added to your account
  • Purchases made online, by phone or by mail
  • Updates to your personal information
  • A new card being activated on your account
  • Balance Transfer or Cash Advance requests
  • Purchases made outside of a specific location
Monitoring transactions icon

Monitoring transactions

To protect your account, we’ll keep an eye on the purchases being made with your credit card. You’ll be notified when:

  • A purchase is made online, by phone or by mail
  • A purchase is made in a specific merchant category, such as: liquor, gambling, or automotive
  • A cash advance is made on the account
  • A purchase exceeds a specific amount, or is made outside of a specific location

Mastercard® Features

Enhanced security features from Mastercard

Chip & PIN Technology

Chip and PIN technology provides your Card with even greater security and protection. Instead of swiping a card that has a magnetic strip on the back, you insert a card that has a computer chip embedded on the front. Instead of signing to verify a payment, you enter a private Personal Identification Number (PIN).

The data on the chip is extremely difficult to copy or change, protecting against counterfeit fraud, and the PIN provides added protection if your Card is lost or stolen.

Zero Liability

Cardholders of Rogers Bank issued Mastercard® credit cards receive the benefit of Zero Liability in the event of unauthorized use.

More information on Zero Liability

Mastercard® Contactless Tap & Go™ for speed and convenience

Mastercard® Contactless is the fast, safe and smart way to pay for all your purchases.

Look for this symbol on the reader at check-out:

Mastercard Identity Check™

Mastercard® Identity Check™ makes shopping online more secure by preventing unauthorized use of your accounts. It’s easy to use and works with your existing Mastercard® Account.

More information about Mastercard Identity Check